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The Sales team is the driving factor behind our revenue. Our goal is to generate new opportunities, strengthen relationships with our clients and conquer new challenges. We make sure to recognize our accomplishments and foster a competitive environment to keep the team close and motivated.

What does it take to be a Sales Blue Cap?


Passion for conveying our value. Leads need to see our obvious advantages in order to become loyal clients. We deliver a product that creates efficiency, saves money and brings return on investment.


Do not be afraid of conflict. In the negotiation game, many counter-arguments will be exposed. It is fundamental to know how to listen to those hesitations and convert them into successful wins.


Competitiveness. More with yourself than with anyone else. You will deal with challenging goals month by month with a generous reward when you achieve them.


Ability to blend soft and hard skills. We really need you to be able to communicate by building bonds and good rapport. However, we also expect you to deeply understand our solution and the pain it alleviates for our customers.

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