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The Operations team is responsible for turning our IoT devices into reality by connecting hardware, production, quality and the supply chain. We take care of the full-cycle process, from buying the micro components to the final adjustments, in order to meet rigorous international criteria.

What does it take to be an Operations Blue Cap?


Precision. You will take our design from paper and produce it in scale. It is important to maintain our high level of quality in hundreds of products.


Foresight to understand that repeated tasks will be part of your day, but that this will have a great impact on the organization's bottom line and for that you will be highly valued.


Sense of urgency. Companies are in a hurry so we want to deliver something of quality with speed. We often deal with tight deadlines that can be very possible with the right motivation.


Ability to integrate. Our production headquarters are separate from the administrative building, but communication must be fluid as if we were all together. The sense of team formed internally is also very important.

Our team consists of:


Supply Chain



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