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The Hardware team is responsible for the development and continuous improvement of our IoT devices. They deal with every step of the process, aiming to build reliable products that can be produced on a large scale.

What does it take to be a Hardware Blue Cap?


Be very hands-on. In this team, you will deal with the physical part of our products, getting involved in the complete development cycle, even if your focus is on a specific point.


Be very proactive. It doesn't matter if you are in firmware, R&D, re-engineering or certifications. Problems need to be actively pursued to find the best solutions.


Think outside the box. We are definitely not just “another” technology company. What we do is different from anything else and we are sure that we will become a future technology learning hub.


Grit, one of the pillars of our culture. This means that you will be assigned very challenging projects where you will be solely responsible. It won't be easy, but we rely on the ability to deliver from everyone on the team.

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