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The Data team creates infrastructure, statistical models and products using IoT data. Our engineers and scientists work closely to transform data into failure insights, the root of our organization.

What does it take to be a Data Blue Cap?


Resilience. It is not easy to deal with the amount of data in our bank. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to advance many more, and understanding this is part of the process.


Knowing how to dialogue with different areas and expertises. Our data team goes from hardware to software, being very present in the product as a whole.


Analytical thinking. We create valuable insights from raw data. Being able to transition from one to the other is a very important skill to grow in this area with us.


Understand that the “don't know” or “don't know” is merely a passing area. We have already accumulated knowledge from years in the company, but we still deal with many new things. Recognizing and demystifying them is a very valuable daily task.

Our team consists of:

Data Engineering

Data Science


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